Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 9 Studio
We wrapped up my guitar parts for the album today (I think).
I will know for sure Sunday when we edit the parts. As I was about to leave our session Adam discovered the guitar parts for Perfect Love Affair were missing and not saved, so I hastily re-recorded the 12 string acoustic guitar parts just before I left. I didn't get a chance to hear the final playback for it. Sleek Train sounded awesome with the 12 string acoustic very trippy! I played a 6 string acoustic for the song Today and that one felt really great to play as did Lightening Strikes Twice the sister to 99%. We also got the editing done for my guitar on Lightenings Strikes Twice which I played on my new electric Cort and Adam redid his bass part as it was sounding flat. Very productive day even though Adam had some distractions with calls and emails for his other job that he has to be on call for 24/7.
On Sunday we continue with editing including the 2 songs from Monday's session, its sounding awesome so far!
Here is a pic of the Martin D-28 as a fan emailed to ask what the guitar looks like. Paul McCartney did not play it on my cd though :)

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