Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Day 5 Studio
Monday found me in the studio with Adam editing the drum and bass tracks from the weekend. In this process we listen and decide on the best take and then Adam goes through each beat of the drum, crashes, etc. and makes sure everything is solid, in time, that each mic recording the various drums/snare/cymbals/kick etc are at optimum levels and not leaking into others or are gated or adjusted for tone/leakage and we determine the kind of room we want the drums to portray for example a hall sound. It's a tedious process but very important and Adam's ears are the best! We edited 3 songs before I left for the beach :) and I think Adam may have started another. I'm not a whole lot of help in this particular process but it is still good for me to observe and see how drums are edited for the song and how the final sound is determined.

Tuesday's planned studio time encountered a bit of a hiccup to our schedule. Adam had a sudden job opportunity/interview arise in the morning and landed the part time job on the spot. This means of course his studio time is lessened now so we will have to move things around and the recording may take a little longer than planned but on the plus side this delay will give me more time to practice and get my chops all the more polished. Good things come to those that wait! :)

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