Saturday, February 13, 2016

Gone To The Sprits Recording Project Has Begun!

I am filled with joy and excitement to be currently recording my 10th full-length album called Gone To The Spirits at the Rear Window Song and Sound studio with Juno nominated producer Adam Popowitz! Gone To The Spirits recording project is a result of writing the Ququnak Paǂkiy Song Collection, a Canada Council 2014 grant funded songwriting project that I was honoured to be awarded with last year. The collection is based on the engaging and dramatic life story of Ququnak Paǂkiy also known as Gone To The Spirits who was a Two Spirit, Ktunaxa warrior woman, prophet and guide, who lived in the early and mid-19th century. Gone To The Spirits was the gifted oracle, chief and accomplished warrior who appeared in the journals of trappers and explorers and was noted as having transitioned gender. I am bringing the story alive and sharing the amazing history of Gone To The Spirits. - See more at: Featured in these pics are Adam and Elliot Polsky,  they laid down the foundation with super awesome bass and drums last weekend! Last week I delivered on the rhythm guitars and ukulele but as I was playing I didn't take any pics. :)

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