Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Studio Day 14
Alice "Queen of the Trills" cruised on through 8 tracks today!
We kicked things off with piano on Lightening Strikes Twice with some dissonant strikes and of course some cool trills and a new blues riff she discovered just a couple of days ago. The new riff was abit of a challenge for her as Alice is still getting to know the blues, which is a feel based style. She is a classically trained pianist with an ARCT so the gal know the ivories. Diligent she found the pocket and added her special touch.

Alice fanned the Fire Flames with her haunting and lovely broken chords on piano and next up was Dizzy playing piano chords on the 1. Alice nailed it giving it that extra groove we were looking for. The jazzy Perfect Love Affair concluded our piano plans.

Then we went to rock for Today with some heavy organ and she rocked it, Adam said Deep Purple would definitely hire her. Alice took on reggae for How Would We Know on the off beat or for her on the and as in 1 and 2 and... One take was all she needed. Who knew she was such a Bob Marley devotee wow! Funking out for No More on R and B organ doubling my vocal lick, its gonna be an awesome track. Adam said Sleek Train was next for organ but I didn't take that in so Alice hadn't been working on it. Luckily she knows and likes the song so laid it down for the chorus in one take as well and really gives the tune extra texture. Adam asked Alice to play Lightening Strikes Twice once more as she was warmed up and it was her best performance and worth the return for that new blues riff! Awesome session, so proud and blessed to have Alice on the new album!

Alice also had a sore and stiff finger from our attempt at rescuing an injured squirrel this weekend but it didn't slow her down one iota.
Here's the story from my post on facebook.
"No good deed goes unpunished  Coming home tonight an injured squirrel lay on the road, a man using his phone was guarding it from cars. We parked and came out to see if we could help him but he was gone. The squirrel was still alive but not moving much. A passerby probably a nurse saw us and gave Alice 3 pairs of latex gloves to put on. I ran upstairs to get wildlife rescue address and a cardboard box while Alice stood guard. Just as I was coming back a firetruck drove by so Alice grabbed the little squirrel to save it and it bit her finger and she dropped it. The squirrel moved enough toward the fence and off the road so I placed the box over top it and some peanuts inside beside it. The box had a hole so it could escape if need be too. I called SPCA and they were booked and couldn't come to help until later but said Alice should go to hospital in case of rabies...off we went. The bite did draw alot of blood but still only a superficial wound no stitches luckily thanks to the gloves and took only an hour and a half at VGH emerg in and out (impressive)! There have been no recorded cases of squirrels with rabies in BC but she did need a tetnus shot.
Poor Alice she is supposed to do her piano recording Monday with a sore bit finger and sore arm from the shot. 
Oh yes and when we got back we checked on the squirrel and it was gone, peanuts were still there so hopefully it was just stunned and needed time to regroup. And that full moon out there wow its gigantic!!"

ROCK STAR AT BURNABY LAKE (we went for a long walk after the session).

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Studio Day 13

This was our last day for recording lead guitar and Adam continued with his effervescent and dreamy chops.
First off we revisited Dizzy and decided the lead guitar we already have was so delicious it needed no other ingredient, its ultra funky deluxe and not in need of more as we will have the piano coming in on the one for that extra groove (you can never have too much groove).

Next up was Fires Flames the smoky, slinky track. Adam played his Epiphone Casino VT with a haunting slide that builds with great intensity at the conclusion of the song and gives me goosebumps!

He continued with this guitar accentuating the funk with tight and chunky chords for No More leaving lots of room for Huggybear to shine on his solos for this tune.

For Lightening Strikes Twice Adam switched to his Danelectro Doubleneck for some very tasty and twangy blues riffs.

For the title track Adam returned to his Godin Multiac Jazz Custom Electric funkifying the soul for this trance like tune.

The awesome session was focused and very productive. I could listen to Adam play and create everyday and never get tired, such a gift!! Soon I will be sharing our creations with you to enjoy too. Next up piano with the talented Fran "crazy fingers" Fraser.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 12 Studio
Today was pure heaven with more lead guitar tracks being laid down on three songs.
Watching Adam create and play is pure joy and the songs are building in their wondrous and huge intensity. At one point Adam asked if I minded the rock approach on a few as we also have a funk and blues vibe happening. Minded holy cow I totally love his approach, AWESOME in an understatement.
I said Adam if these don't turn me into a rock star nothing will :)
It's interesting and quite uncanny for me but sometimes from a certain angle and light Adam looks so much like my late brother Brian when he was in his early 40s and healthy. Maybe his spirit is close by as Brian was a musician and would so love these sounds and songs.
We worked on three songs today. Boy is the rockstar, guitar flavours of 80s rock a la Tears For Fears U2 feeling and Adam played his Epiphone Casino VT on this track. For the heroin flavoured Sleek Train he doubled my acoustic 12 string with his Danelectro Double Neck and then added a slide as well plus some trippy backward guitar slide, you will love it. Then Adam dusted off his jazz chops and laid down more of the Daneletro Doubleneck 12 string also doubling my 12 string acoustic on Perfect Love Affair. Then for the tasty jazz lead he played the Godin Multiac Jazz custom electric. Adam also played bass on all the tracks and he played an Epiphone S6. That's the latest,  she is developing and her personality is starting to shine through, this new baby is gonna be gorgeous! Can't wait to share her with you.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Day 10 and 11 Studio

Sunday we edited the rest of my guitar parts and ever so exciting to hear all the pieces fit together! Another fan emailed to ask what happens in the editing process. Basically a producer or engineer records the instrument for a track on the song and records 3 or 4 takes of that instrument for each song. The best take is chosen and then it goes under a microscope (metaphorically) for anything slightly off  or for a part that feels best and which is edited or copied  from another take sometimes even from the same one. Most edits are very fast and simple and don't need much time though each note on each instrument is listened to many, many times on a recording.
When we first began editing the recording Adam's lovely little girl sat and drew pictures quietly. I attached her art work she drew while listening and I asked her who the people were. She replied oh just some random people! I laughed out loud at this response from a 6 year old, wow they are sophisticated these days!
We wrapped it up for my guitar parts in 3 hours and just as I arrived home Alice's Mom called and her lung condition came back so we took her hospital and we spent the evening with her.
Thankfully she will be fine and home tomorrow! At 91 she is still going strong for the most part but her body is bound to have a few things wearing down. We heading over for a visit soon.

Today was a fantastic day as Adam played and edited the lead guitar on 3 songs and they are all killer! Today (the song) is very BIG wow so thrilling to have such great talent like Adam's shine on this song and album! Adam played his 61 Guild T-50 and was ramped up  for rock and roll! He played his Godin Multiac Jazz custom on my country/folk tune, I Found you using a slide and sounded awesome. Adam also played this guitar in a jazz style for the reggae good feeling How would we know. There aren't enough superlatives to describe Adam's playing, what a fantastic session. As you can tell guitar sessions are my favorite to witness the capturing of the magic!

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