Sunday, June 23, 2013

Studio Day 13

This was our last day for recording lead guitar and Adam continued with his effervescent and dreamy chops.
First off we revisited Dizzy and decided the lead guitar we already have was so delicious it needed no other ingredient, its ultra funky deluxe and not in need of more as we will have the piano coming in on the one for that extra groove (you can never have too much groove).

Next up was Fires Flames the smoky, slinky track. Adam played his Epiphone Casino VT with a haunting slide that builds with great intensity at the conclusion of the song and gives me goosebumps!

He continued with this guitar accentuating the funk with tight and chunky chords for No More leaving lots of room for Huggybear to shine on his solos for this tune.

For Lightening Strikes Twice Adam switched to his Danelectro Doubleneck for some very tasty and twangy blues riffs.

For the title track Adam returned to his Godin Multiac Jazz Custom Electric funkifying the soul for this trance like tune.

The awesome session was focused and very productive. I could listen to Adam play and create everyday and never get tired, such a gift!! Soon I will be sharing our creations with you to enjoy too. Next up piano with the talented Fran "crazy fingers" Fraser.

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