Monday, June 03, 2013

Day 10 and 11 Studio

Sunday we edited the rest of my guitar parts and ever so exciting to hear all the pieces fit together! Another fan emailed to ask what happens in the editing process. Basically a producer or engineer records the instrument for a track on the song and records 3 or 4 takes of that instrument for each song. The best take is chosen and then it goes under a microscope (metaphorically) for anything slightly off  or for a part that feels best and which is edited or copied  from another take sometimes even from the same one. Most edits are very fast and simple and don't need much time though each note on each instrument is listened to many, many times on a recording.
When we first began editing the recording Adam's lovely little girl sat and drew pictures quietly. I attached her art work she drew while listening and I asked her who the people were. She replied oh just some random people! I laughed out loud at this response from a 6 year old, wow they are sophisticated these days!
We wrapped it up for my guitar parts in 3 hours and just as I arrived home Alice's Mom called and her lung condition came back so we took her hospital and we spent the evening with her.
Thankfully she will be fine and home tomorrow! At 91 she is still going strong for the most part but her body is bound to have a few things wearing down. We heading over for a visit soon.

Today was a fantastic day as Adam played and edited the lead guitar on 3 songs and they are all killer! Today (the song) is very BIG wow so thrilling to have such great talent like Adam's shine on this song and album! Adam played his 61 Guild T-50 and was ramped up  for rock and roll! He played his Godin Multiac Jazz custom on my country/folk tune, I Found you using a slide and sounded awesome. Adam also played this guitar in a jazz style for the reggae good feeling How would we know. There aren't enough superlatives to describe Adam's playing, what a fantastic session. As you can tell guitar sessions are my favorite to witness the capturing of the magic!

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