Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 12 Studio
Today was pure heaven with more lead guitar tracks being laid down on three songs.
Watching Adam create and play is pure joy and the songs are building in their wondrous and huge intensity. At one point Adam asked if I minded the rock approach on a few as we also have a funk and blues vibe happening. Minded holy cow I totally love his approach, AWESOME in an understatement.
I said Adam if these don't turn me into a rock star nothing will :)
It's interesting and quite uncanny for me but sometimes from a certain angle and light Adam looks so much like my late brother Brian when he was in his early 40s and healthy. Maybe his spirit is close by as Brian was a musician and would so love these sounds and songs.
We worked on three songs today. Boy is the rockstar, guitar flavours of 80s rock a la Tears For Fears U2 feeling and Adam played his Epiphone Casino VT on this track. For the heroin flavoured Sleek Train he doubled my acoustic 12 string with his Danelectro Double Neck and then added a slide as well plus some trippy backward guitar slide, you will love it. Then Adam dusted off his jazz chops and laid down more of the Daneletro Doubleneck 12 string also doubling my 12 string acoustic on Perfect Love Affair. Then for the tasty jazz lead he played the Godin Multiac Jazz custom electric. Adam also played bass on all the tracks and he played an Epiphone S6. That's the latest,  she is developing and her personality is starting to shine through, this new baby is gonna be gorgeous! Can't wait to share her with you.

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