Friday, December 18, 2015

Songs For Christmas

This year I finally made my mother a special gift of Christmas carols. For the past few years she has asked Alice and I to record a collection of her favorite carols and this is the year we did! I was inspired to do this especially after finishing writing a new bluesy Xmas song last Saturday. So on Monday Alice and I recorded these songs in our livingroom, making this gift from the heart for Mom. 

I posted my activity on facebook and several emailed to say they would like a copy too. I was hesitant at first as the project is very much a rough. live homerecording and meant for a Mother's forgiving ears. Songs for Christmas has alot of quirky fun moments and truly comes from the heart so I decided to offer it for free to you with its lumps, bumps and love only at and only for the next few weeks. The first 200 downloads are free and then its a pay what you want so get there early if you are strapped for cash. You can always stream it anytime too. 

Who knows maybe next year, Mom's gift will serve as a pre-production demo and we'll do it up right! And yes the newly written (less than a week ago) tune, Put A Wreath On it Blues is in the collection. Enjoy the season and happy holidays however you celebrate! 

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