Saturday, May 04, 2013

Today we laid the foundation for the new album with drums and bass. Master percussionist Elliot Polsky pulled out all the stops and breathed life into this new creation. He was absolutely superb and it was a gift to watch such a great musician up close and personal wow! Adam was equally magnificent with his tasty and sexy bass grooves lighting up for in the pocket Polsky. We are ahead of schedule and recorded 6 songs today leaving 4 for tomorrow!
We started things off with the track How Would We know the happiest and most upbeat of the tunes and Elliot ska funkified it so schmokin the toms are a standout! Lightening Strikes Twice is definitely cousin to 99% and is devilishly soulified. Perfect Love Affair's rhythm is totally immoral and alluring I know people will be tantalized. Dizzy is spectacular and will hypnotize listeners for sure and Fire Flames with a slightly latin slippery snake with a nod to the bossa nova . No more is electrified in a full on funkified blues and Elliot used his secret weapon for the amazing effect. I only wish you could hear the process of how the songs are coming alive....what a fantastic day!

 Adam multitasking, engineering, producing and funking out on the bass.

Elliot's secret weapon, I'll say no more.

Eliot brought down the house well at least the percussion  instruments toppled to the floor during his BIG grooves....awesome session!

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