Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 7 Studio
We continued on with our recording of guitar tracks today. Beginning the session with an edit of the guitars for both mine and Adams on Dizzy. Adam also decided to record a tambourine for this funkified song as well. Next was an edit for my guitar on Fire Flames, Adam added a tremolo on my part and wow it really gave it a dreamy 60s effect so groovey! After our edits I recorded my acoustic steel string guitar for How Would We Know. I struggled with this as the groove is a reggae style and a new approach for me but after 6 takes, we had what we needed. Today Adam added maracas today to this tune as well as a gorgeous classical nylon string guitar for the upstrokes, the tune is getting nicely hypnotic and thick. Finally, I recorded for Boy and I was really in the pocket for this one. I love how the dynamics and intensity build on this for my guitar part and the drums parts as well. We also edited these parts and we are finished 5 tracks for rhythm guitar!

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