Friday, July 12, 2013

Studio Day 18 Harmony Vocals

Our session today began with harmony for Boy, these were simple harmonies a third up on the oy in boy and joy :) I was able to get these down in one take. Next up was a harmony for part of the bridge in How Would We Know. This was a tad trickier and I needed a few takes to get just the right approach and pitch. Adam asked me to try to harmonize to the chorus and I had tried at home with Alice but it didn't sound good to me and he thought so too after hearing my attempt lol. He came up with a call and answer at the ending tag and I tried that idea and wow it works really well, I love it.

Next up was Dizzy, Adam and I had differing ideas for the harmony but ended up combining both ideas for a three part harmony that is very lovely. My harmony for the bridge was a dissonant harmony at first which worked but I switched to Adam's idea for the harmony as it sounded great, he asked me to add a harmony to the ending of the track as well which is a cool addition too!

We moved on to Conventus, Adam found interesting choir voices for my ascending lines. I realized I hadn't even considered a harmony for the chorus of the title so I just came up with it on the fly in our session and the sound is awesome! Adam added some fx to my harmony and isolated it for the intro and it truly is out of this world. He then added some gorgeous strings and a haunting vibraphone (Alice loves playing vibraphone on her keys so she will love playing his new piece live!) This is the only tune that is electronic in sensibilities though with organic elements at the onset and is quite the grand song now.

We were wrapped up and ready to go when I remembered about doubling the piano riff  with vocals for No More. When Alice and I play this live, I start with the vocal riff and she comes in on piano to get locked in on my groove but we changed that up for the recording and I come in on the solo and ending. One take in 5 minutes and we were done for the day and a great day it was!

The icing on the cake is Monday when Huggybear enters the new album with his ever amazing and oh so delicious bluesharp!!

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