Thursday, July 04, 2013


Studio Day 15 VOCALS

Wow what a terrific first day recording vocals, the planets 

and stars were perfectly aligned. Well, more likely proof that 

practice pays off I have been working hard at it! I recorded 5 

songs with only 2 takes each and nailed them, I am so very 

happy with the recordings.

I started the session with No More as I have been singing 

that one for along time now and knew it would be a good 

confidence builder. Next up I stayed on the bluesy side of 

things with Lightening Strikes Twice and let my inner Elvis be 

released and I smoked it :) Switching gears into rock Today, 

a breeze and though a brand new song I felt I resonated with 

the writing and words, I really connected with the song and 

production. Adam suggested to do the harmonies

immediately as I doubled harmony only on the word today 

but it did take me a few minutes and attempts to switch into 

harmony. We turned it upside down with Sleek Train and  

its slow, trippy groove. I wasn't fully confidant I had arrived 

with this tune but surprised myself with my flow and my 

performance was exactly where I wanted. The session ended 

with my I Found You Adam asked me to change my approach 

after the first take and hold back, more softer and gentler 

in my delivery and I loved the idea and it truly fits it better 

more personal and intimate.

After recording vocals (about one hour) we edited them and 

also edited the piano/organ on four of these songs. Adam 

then sent the new tracks to Huggybear so he can get familiar 

and ready for his session in 2 weeks! 

Next up 6 more songs for lead vocals and then a few 


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