Monday, July 08, 2013

Studio Day 17 Vocals

Our last day recording my lead vocals, it is now fait de complete!
We started the session editing Dizzy from our last session and decided to cut one of the doubled choruses to just one set as the funk song is over 5 and 1/2 minutes so it cuts the track down to just over 5 and wow its sounding so groovey this retro funk throwback.

My first vocal track today was How Would We Know, the reggae upbeat feel good chill tune and I sure felt good singing this tune. I had a smooth vocal vibe happening ( Adam thought Karen Carpenter influences here, now that's a new comparison lol)  and the tune flowed in about 3 takes.

Next up was Boy the rock star tune and I saved it for last as I knew it would be the track most out of my comfort range and it was. The song builds in intensity and needs a full out projected voice in the chorus. I delivered the quiet introspective beginnings very well but the chorus needed some work. The first two takes were painful for me to hear back, very wobbly and shaky as this is not a usual style of singing for me but by the fourth take I was in the zone and gave Adam and the recording what was needed. It made me realize how I don't write songs with my voice in mind which is not necessarily a bad thing but I sure set up challenges for myself.

I read somewhere that a woman reaches her prime vocally in her 50s. After today's session I can see my weak spots in projection and where there is much room for growth especially when I will be singing the song Boy with a full band. I do have the vocal technique for it but psychologically it is hard for me to let go and fill up the whole space. The growth for me will be in the letting go in my mind and allowing the hugeness to have expression. I found this thought symbolic of my life and quite profound on my drive home. The beauty of music is you never stop learning, finding out new things about yourself and always getting better!

The last vocals of the session were the harmonies for I Found You which is the entire song like a duet and this one was a breeze with 2 takes. Another new thing I learned is if I can hear the harmony in my head it's a snap like this song, but if I don't  I really have to learn it piece by piece with practice.
I have 3 days to practice the harmonies for Dizzy, How Would We Know, Boy and Conventus. Though with Conventus I have an idea to use a choir sample which would be so cool if it works. I was singing ascending and descending lines which gives it an ethereal and sublime feeling but many voices might knock it right out of this world!

We spent the rest of the session editing the vocals and organ on How Would We's all sounding like a fantastic dream. I am incredibly pleased and proud of how this project is evolving and I know you will soon love these new songs!

Where magic happens.

My view.

Magic happening :)

The disappearing list...Adam started out this project with a list of all what we need and as we accomplish the tasks (ie vocals, guitar, keys..) they get erased.

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