Sunday, July 07, 2013

Studio Day 16 Vocals

A good and productive day in the studio! I forgot to mention in the last post that Adam also played and recorded the tambourine for Today and shakers on No More in the last session. The vocals were not a cinch this time like last session, I had to work hard getting some of the vocals just right. Starting off with Dizzy, most of the song just flowed for me but the chorus I was consistently sharp on the first note grrrrr. What was most annoying or more like frightening was I couldn't hear it! Adam looped the chorus for me to sing along and sang along I did! I sang for a couple dozen until I got the note right but even stranger I still didn't hear it when singing. I could hear the note on piano and when separated but not singing, I seemed to have a mental block of some kind because I sing the same damn note and word twice more in the same phrase and with no problem. At least I finally got it and is an unusual occurrence thankfully!  This is the biggest difference between a vocalist and a pianist or guitarist, the latter 2 can see and play the note on the keyboard or fretboard, a vocalist hears and feels the note internally and the voice is organic susceptible to climate, sleep, food, stress...mental blocks.

Luckily, I breezed on through Perfect Love Affair and Conventus was much snappier to record too, though the intro had a couple sections I had to concentrate on the delivery. I was timid to sing Fire Flames as Adam wanted me to perform with much more passion than on the scratch tracks. I was also uneasy about my ending and didn't feel confidant about my approach in the ending . I actually hear a singer with a huge voice to project and build the ending and alas I am not that kind of singer but I had an idea to hold a long tone which is not my usual style and it worked. Adam thought my intensity and authenticity was there for the whole song so that helped assure me and in the playback/editing I felt I captured the song completely and very happy it all came together!

We also edited the piano/organ parts in this session and we have a gorgeous Fender Rhodes on Alice for Perfect Love Affair and sounds fantastic as does the haunting piano on Fire Flames wow!

Two more vocal tracks next session and then harmonies!

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