Monday, December 02, 2013

4 Tips To Stay Positive

                  Norine Braun

Hi there! The 4 Tips to Stay Positive are: Gratitude, Attitude, Purpose and Fun

  1. Gratitude - focus on what you have and give back. Bullying Ends Here Charity Dinner Concert with Paliatsky, Norine Braun, Wayne Lambert & Tad Milmine Date:December 07, 2013 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Cost:$25 includes chowder, fish & chips and shot of screech! @ Joe's Atlantic Grill  2410 St. Johns Street Port Moody, British Columbia 
  2. Attitude - you can't always control what happens to you but you can control how you respond to what happens. YAHOO! REVIEWS! REVIEWS! 3 weeks since the release of Conventus and I already have over 30 reviews in and wow they have been absolutely stellar. I can't put them all here but I have posted many on my website in the news and press section for you. PLUS Check out all the new videos for the songs featured on the homepage of my website. 
  3. Purpose - live each day with meaning and purpose whether its doing your passion, practicing kindness or giving a gift of your love and time. As you know my purpose and my passion is the gift of music. With only 22 shopping days left until Christmas you too can give the gift of music this year! As a reader of my blog I am offering Conventus The Eye of the Heart for only $10 each including shipping. Send an email to with your order and I will invoice you and send it to you asap. If you are in Vancouver the next 3 weeks I can also meet in person and do the deal.:)
  4. FUN - All work and no play makes Jackie a dull person. Stay active, play, watch, connect and create! The day after my cd release I was so pumped when I heard about the CBC Hockey Song contest I had to sit down and write a song its called Stick on the Ice. Hockey is a good example of something you can play, watch, connect with friends and even create. Help me win #hockeynight #SongQuest by voting for my song here The winner gets their song recorded. You can vote for it from anywhere in the world and you can vote daily. Thanks so much!!
That's the latest from my heart to yours. I hope all is well your way.

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