Thursday, November 28, 2013

No More Reprise Video

No More Reprise

No more sleeping in this bed

No more tears about you shed

No more lying to keep me sane

No more playing I’m out of the game

Tried to love you Did my best

You’re no different, you’re no different

You’re just like the rest

Gonna leave you, gonna watch you go away hey hey hey yeah

No more counting on you to change

No more why you acting strange

No more listening to your woes

No more waiting, I’ve packed your clothes.


from Conventus The Eye of the Heart, released 08 November 2013

Norine Braun: Vocals, background vocals, electric guitar

Adam Popowitz: Bass, lead guitar

Elliot Polsky : Drums

Alice Fraser: Keys

Huggybear Leonard: Blues harp

Produced by Adam Popowitz

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam Popowitz at Rear Window Song & Sound Coquitlam, BC

All songs words and music composed by Norine Braun

Sometimes enough is enough and you gotta say no more! Union of self  :)

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