Wednesday, October 09, 2013

CD's shipped and Releases set!

Wow, it has been awhile since updated, so much had to get done! I am happy to say the cds and tee shirts were shipped to the presale orders last Friday and should arrive shortly!  The packages look amazing, Gisele Grignet designed them as well as the posters and one sheet. She does fantastic work!
The artwork is mine and is called The eye of the heart. I created this image as part of a piece I made during an art process evening with Vancouver artist Kat Thorsen last spring. When I came home from making my art, I realized it was The Eye of the Heart in my song Conventus and knew I had the album cover!

The packaging is as eco-friendly as possible (like my last 2 cds). I decided on the cardboard eco-sleeves because there is absolutely no plastic except for the disc of course.

I have decided to hold 2 cd release parties because I am that excited about Conventus! I also wanted the release to be as accessible as possible. I have some friends and fans who need wheelchair accessibility and some who are on a limited income. The Eastside release Nov. 2 will help those friends at the Princeton Pub which is wheelchair accessible and it is a pay what you want.
The official release is November 8 at The Railway Club downtown, the early show 6:30pm to 8:30 $10 cover. Would be super fantastic to have folks come to both!!

The lineup for both releases is dynamic and outstanding!! Adam Popowitz producer of the album will playing lead guitar. Elliot Polsky is on drums, Alice Fraser on keys, Huggybear Leonard on blues harp, penny whistle and as Adam cannot play guitar and bass at the same time (he did play both on the recording), I am super thrilled that Scott Tucker is playing bass for both the events!  Google their names and you will find out what great artists these are and the 2 nights are going to have huge funk and bluesy sounds and full of great fun and music!

Talk again soon!  luvnb


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