Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Manufacturing Stage

Thanks again to all the early supporters of Conventus The Eye of the Heart~~ $2715 in presales gives a confidant and great boost to getting the music out there! I am honoured by the love and excited I am almost there with sharing the music with you!
The past couple of weeks were spent finalizing the graphics, deciding on the T shirt design and finding a venue for the release party.

I am happy to say the disc and graphics were dropped off today at the manufacturing plant for replication. YAY!! The next step is getting the upc code added, and a final proof for the printers. Once approved it will be about 10 business days and I can pick them.

It looks like we will be having the cd release party too. Just working on a date and I will announce as soon as it is finalized.

Next step is to update my radio and media lists for the press release and to mail out for play and reviews. Over the years I have had much support from college radio and I will start with them. At some stations there is often a turnover as music directors are college students and once they graduate they move on, while others have been around since I first started sending out cds!

The videos are coming along, Will did a fantastic job and we start another one tomorrow. I have a UK videographer working on another. I edited part of Conventus video myself and a videographer from the netherlands did the final edit after adding his epic planetary shots so cool!! 9 videos are done and the plan is to release one video a week once the cd is released. Fiverr has been my biggest friend in being able to accomplish this big feat.

That's how the process is looking thus far...getting closer and closer to releasing Conventus The Eye Of The Heart!

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