Saturday, October 12, 2013

99% Announced as Nominee for Best Country/Jazz/Blues/AC Song

Awesome news this week my song 99% has been nominated Best Country/Jazz/Blues/AC Song for the 2013 Rightoutttv Music and Video Awards! Woo hoo! There is still time to vote for me as Fan Fave if you are feeling it :) Go to : and thanks!!

I received a very lovely heartfelt fan letter this week and I asked for her permission to post as her words not only read like a wonderful review but are how I would so much like my music to affect people and she showed me I am on the right path. Thank you so much sharing this Teri.


After a Norine Braun (twenty year public figure) crash course in seven days, eight albums, EP, various singles, liners , websites, links, interviews, videos and a few emails, I’m still reading, still smiling. What a wonderful adventure. A multidimensional thrill ride of numerous musical styles, incredible gamut of rich vocals and clever, fun, deep, often slap you awake raw poetry, Norine offers such generous gifts. I laughed; I cried; I had a catharsis; I sighed.

Norine’s depth of musical talent is vast.
I enjoy the mixes, layers and surprises.
Rock, Pop, Blues, you choose, just follow the dotted lines.
She challenges you to embrace every moment with her lyrics:

her celebration “You see got I get a move on, Try to find a free flowing knowing, And let go” from Drift Away No. 8 -
her joyful noise  “To see your own shadow you have to see your own light . . .Believe in something, credo, vision, a prayer” from J’en Suis Desolee NOW & ZEN -
her sensual side “If I could be the one who leaves you trembling” from If I Could Be The One EVOLUTION OF THE BLOOD STAR -
her sadness “Last winter came a snow I had to let you go” from          Dreams ACOUSTICALLY INCLINED and CROW -
her anger “Filled with contempt, You eat my soul, You chew me up, Spit out my bones . . . Who are you to judge me, Condemn me, Kill me.” from Who Are You CROW -
her strength “It takes a brave one, To self examine, Open wide the wound, Throw a little salt in” from I’d Guess You’d Say MODERN ANGUISH.

What Norine shares is an exceptional dance of life. I am so looking forward to the release of her new album CONVENTUS .
Many blessings dear Norine Braun, I appreciate all your hard work, wherewithal, fortitude, your heart and your vision. Thanks.

Teri Ohrenstein

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