Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I had a new order for a review last night and thought I will start posting my reviews of fellow artists. In case you didn't know I am hired gun on fiverr and musician marketplace. After reviewing well over 300 songs on c0nsensus and because I love helping I decided to offer my services for up and comers to help build their press kit.

Stay Rugged by Felon is a fear ridden classic punk anthem for the disenfranchised. The kick ass drumming sets the drive and angst for the authentic roots of punk rock sound. The vocalist tears at the flesh of the song’s message and is the heart of this melodic and infectious tune.  Lyrically the words are well matched for the wailing guitars and in keeping with a preamble to the song, “You cannot protect yourself from sadness if you cannot protect yourself from happiness.” Stay Rugged is a song for those rage-fueled days when it’s tough out there. 
Norine Braun – Braun and Brains Music  - April 24, 2013

Envy knows what it is. Lyrics like, “this is why they envy” is full of rhythmic rhyme and swag that leaves you wanting more and explains very well why you are to be envied. Ultra simple and sparse percussive with vocal production surprisingly works and is always interesting and never dull. This stripped production style highlights the importance of the artist’s message as well as the vocalist’s metaphoric meter and fluid flow. I loved the groove and the performance was tight and overall it was a very pleasing listen.  The hypnotic tune is innovative and the original lyrical imagery invites the listener to enter the green-eyed monster and leave singing along with the clever hooks like this why you hate me, wish you were like me. Great songwriting and delivery by rmr321bo.
Norine Braun  - Braun and Brains Music 2013

Johnnie Newkirk Jr.’s, “I just want to be with you” track is a throwback to an earlier era, circa 70’s soft pop with it’s naivete, earnestness and innocent lyric and production approach. The sustained opening strings and guitar strums remind us of being youthful and of that era of sweet candy pop. This song would work very well in contemporary theatre, musicals or in children’s productions as the melody is light, airy and approachable. Johnnie’s silky voice suits this timepiece, his clear diction and tone enunciates his desire to communicate as a performer and in the meaning of the lyrics. The song is playful, upbeat and pleasant.

Norine Braun – Braun and Brains Music 2013

Germany’s Anodine scores a melodic dark introspection with Into The White Light from their new album Passages. The slippery, snakelike and foreboding bass lines and ethereal synth-pads winds like a serpentine into your psyche and fills the emptiness with despair and a longing, searching energy. The cynical lyrics state a manifesto of the faithless and pose a final question to the origin of the pain. The lyrics are well matched to the gloom of this trip rock alternative song with the dreamy and lonely meanderings. The wistful strings conclude the shadowy journey into the white light. This track was made for those who love Korn, Massive Attack and Bjork.

Norine Braun - Braun and Brains Music 2013

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