Saturday, December 04, 2010

I've started an album pre-sale campaign for the creation of my 8th album currently being recorded and to be released March 2011. If you think you will get No.8 when it comes out, consider ordering No. 8 now when it really helps! I am looking to fans and friends again to support this exciting new project in exchange for some wonderful gifts and opportunities

Learn more about how you can be a part at:

I am beyond elated and very honoured to be nominated for 2 PITA awards Female and Producer of the Year for Acoustically Inclined faves! You can vote for me and the other great artists at

Voting ends Dec. 14 and thanks for your continued support on the Outvoice charts too!

Touch Me from the new Lost Tracks EP is being played, thanks to: Unashamed Faith Cafe in Halifax, CJMQ Lennoxville Quebec, Pride Showcase on QNation, and coming soon on Italy's Highway 61, Spain's Radio Vilafant, Beauty Radio in Florida and Radio Gets Wild in the UK!

Thanks again and I hope to see your name in the liner notes! :D



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