Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Dec. 13 In studio recording the lead guitar tracks today, wowowow Adam has absolute killer chops!

Dec. 11 Was back in the studio this week recorded the final vocals for the album Thursday, later that night sadly my 20 year old lovable cat passed away at home from crf but I was so glad to be beside him as he said farewell. He lived a good life and was loved very much. RIP Nanuk Fraser-Braun 1990-2010 Heartbroken to say farewell but so grateful for all the joy and comfort our little Nanny cat gave.

Dec. 3
Another great day in the studio sang my absolute heart and guts out...I think I may have blown a vocal chord on the Only One as it was a no holding back kinda day ...pure raw and as emotional as I can deliver.

Dec. 2
Recorded my acoustic rhythm guitar on last 5 songs and I recorded some electric on a couple songs today too...the bass lines Adam has completed and they a really smokin'! a great day in the studio :D

Nov. 30 I just learned I was nominated for 2 Pita Awards for 2010, Female/Lesbian Favorite of the year and producer of the year for Acoustically that is so very kewl! Thanks for nominating me!

Pride In The Arts, Annual Awards. Music Arts category. Brought to you by StoneWall Society.

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