Saturday, October 25, 2014

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Norine Braun

Pop-acoustic-blues artist Norine Braun has been cleverly crafting and honing her wise and confident musicianship with her newest album Conventus The Eye of the Heart. This Canadian artist bridges the gap between singer/songwriter and a rock-and-roll performer. Blending timeless elements such as rock, Americana, soul, and country, Braun presents these genres to audiences around the nation with a bold freshness.
Norine’s music falls somewhere between the intimate, heartfelt approach of folk, and the energy of pop/roots rock. With comparisons to Joni Mitchell, kd lang, and Patti Smith, Braun’s eclectic approach to songwriting and heartfelt performance techniques are the fundamentals of her solid reputation with her local music scene and beyond. She has received recognition from events such as the LA Music Awards, The Best Female Musicians magazine, and many more!
This hardworking, DIY artist released her ninth studio album, Conventus the Eye of the Heart, which was inspired by the concept of “unions,” something that deeply affected Norine’s life. Vancouver’s finest musicians have once again teamed up to join her on the musical journey for Conventus. The new material on the album is a mix of rhythm and blues, roots rock, and continuous soul at its core. Artsy and fun, thoughtful and savvy, Conventus the Eye of the Heart will zing to the heart of any listener.
According to DJ Motmot from Songplanet, Norine Braun offers an “amazing, diverse and terrific show”. From the Triad Theatre in NYC to Shibuya Home in the entertainment district of Tokyo and to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, Norine pleases audiences nationally and internationally with her jet set appeal and positive demeanor. You can visit for more info.

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