Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Acoustically Inclined in process....
When I first thought about this album I had intended on making several albums more defined and fitting into a specific genre or box. One rock, one ballad, one funk based one acoustic etc. After submitting to numerous folk blues acoustic festivals it became apparent that folks were having a hard time imagining the acoustic versions of the studio tracks. Given that sometimes these songs had 30 + instruments on the beds to create heavily textured sounds it could be a feat to wonder what these acoustic versions would sound like.

This led me to the idea of creating an acoustic album to take the guess work out. Another idea emerged in this process in that all the albums I have released contained at least one acoustic track that often got overlooked in favour of the more produced pop songs. I thought this would be a good opportunity to collect all those acoustic tracks and merge them into one album.

Then I thought about the fans and those loyal to the project who would be looking for fresh material and then I thought a whole new album might be in order too.

As you can see I have given it much thought maybe too much thought! I have decided to combine these ideas. I will drawing from previous albums, recording older songs, and writing new ones to showcase my live and acoustic sound.

Right now (this may change) I am thinking of these tracks from former albums:
miles to go (slide intro would be edited), dreams, another mans fate, love and not fear, ballad of magic man, be brave (though this one has been remixed a few dozen times), climb the mountain.

I have a song recorded called Junkie but not yet released that I may add to the mix and am thinking of the live recording at Duncan Showroom of the cover These Boots Are Made for Walking to add as a bonus track. I had hoped to include Persephone from the same night but it has yet to arrive so may do it in pre-production . Persephone acoustic is quite a departure from the gigantic pop swells on the studio cut. I love playing this one live too.

Then there is the song Take Back the Power I had written for a song contest last year (did not win but a good one nonetheless). The bluesy roots based tune could be restructured lyrically to a more universal general theme so look for that one soon to see where I may go with it. There is a tempo change and dramatic feel shift which is tricky too.

I am also working on a Christmas song (every songwriter has to do at least one). I started this one last Christmas (really). Originally was reflective and longing but now has become a campy Hawaiian thing so who knows where or how it will end up.

My partner asked why I have yet to record an old song of mine Little Girl With Golden Hair so am thinking about that one too. I have changed the feel and tempo but it has stood the test of time.

Another one is in the works no lyrics or title yet but has a bluesy smoky feel and I like how I feel while I am noodling away on it.

Check back soon and see where and what is emerging. I plan on getting the cover track of the rough edit of These boots on later this week.

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